Uluru is a Multi Bank Payment Hub that offers an enterprise-grade solution at a market-beating price.

Created with small and medium-sized entities in mind, Uluru is a unified platform that seamlessly improves the three key aspects of your cash management process: Payments, Cash visibility and Monitoring.

Enjoy immediate improvements in your cash management processes:


All incoming and outgoing transactions from all your banks are processed through a single platform and stored in a central database. With high levels of automation and with harmonization of bank connectivity and file formats, Uluru offers improved efficiency and a big reduction in errors.

Cash visibility

Enjoy incredible levels of visibility, with instant insight on cash positioning providing the intelligence you need to support strategic decisions.


Uluru also offers advanced monitoring capabilities for protection from fraud, risk & compliance obligations and easy reporting for both internal and regulatory purposes.


“This application has made it possible to decrease the processing time of our outgoing payments by 65%! And because our directors travel a lot, remote authorization via mobile has made our lives so much easier.”

Finance manager, Large Corporate Service Provider


“As a medium-sized entity we were searching for a Multi Bank Payment Hub that wasn’t too complicated. With Uluru it was possible to start small with Multi Bank cash visibility and extend later on with payments. We were also impressed with the pricing compared to other players in the field.”

Director, Medium-sized Real Estate Asset Manager

One platform, one login. Easy-peasy.

Cloud-based and mobile-friendly, Uluru is the Multi Bank Payment hub for today.


More than just a solution. Uluru is the answer to today’s cash management needs.

Increasingly complex payment

Thousands of transactions a day, between different banks and different payment streams, all communicating in different formats. How to translate all of this potentially conflicting data into a single unified overview of your position?

The expectation that transaction information is real is increasing.

As your organization grows, your financial cash management process becomes increasingly complex - more banks, more advanced ERP, PSP’s, etc. The ability to stay on top of all financial information in a secure and efficient while remaining cost effective is crucial.

Increased awareness and urgency for Fraud, Risk AML Compliance.

As the payment market becomes more sophisticated, so do the methods of exploiting it. The challenge is not only to stay on top of potential fraudulent activity but also be able to demonstrate that you are to regulatory authorities.


"Unrivalled payment efficiency and complete control of your cash management process for an affordable price. What's not to love?"

Uluru main features & benefits

Single login to access all accounts

Access Uluru from wherever you are via a single log-in, for extra security 2-factor authentication via app of token.

Single point of control for Accounts Payable

Uluru provides a single point of control to streamline all your payments from all your companies and all your banks.

Less interfaces

A single interface for all Multi Bank Payments, high on simplicity, low on risk.

Multi Bank Cash visibility

Because all incoming and outgoing transactions are processed and stored centrally, you can enjoy a consolidated view of real-time global cash positions at the touch of a button. Maintain oversight and be equipped with the knowledge to take financial decisions with confidence.

Centralized Transaction data

Everything is filed and managed in a central database, with complete harmonization for all banks/payment providers. With the ability to generate reports for both internal and external purposes.

Optimize Working Capital and cash pooling

Uluru empowers management teams to optimize working capital and cash pooling and make better decisions by providing real-time and reliable insights on cash positions.

Transaction profiles and monitoring

Uluru lets you define transaction profiles by setting rules on several levels including white and blacklisting. All transactions will be monitored against those profiles.

Audit Trail

Stay on top of who did what, where and when. Every step and action by all end-users is automatically recorded in an audit trail which is stored and available to run queries on.

Less mistakes, faster processing

High levels of authorization, optimization and automation mean less mistakes, and more efficiency.

Uluru in an overview.

The ability to share real-time payment data internally and externally, offering mutual benefit for you and your customers. Save time, save costs.


"We want to bring an enterprise grade solution to small and medium sized entities for the best price."

Founder Uluru

What's in the name

What's in the name?

The name Uluru comes from the Aboriginal name for the giant red sandstone rock formation that stands literally in the middle of Australia. Often called the ‘red centre’ it’s seen as a powerful landmark, one that that gives direction, a friend, their beacon and comforting source of order.

It suits our reason for existence and our purpose:
Software as a Relief.