What's in the name?​

The name Uluru comes from the Aboriginal name for the giant red sandstone rock formation that stands literally in the middle of Australia. Often called the ‘red centre’ it’s seen as a powerful landmark, one that that gives direction, a friend, their beacon and comforting source of order.

It's suits our reason of existence and our purpose: Software as a relief.

Uluru is located at the center of Australia and thus symbolises the center of all bank payments from and to the Uluru Multi Bank Payment hub.

What's in the name


At Uluru we believe that every company has the right to enjoy full oversight on, and efficient and compliant management of their Multi Bank cash management process.

Together the Uluru development team has over 30 years of experience in the development of Multi Banking software. This, combined with extended compliance knowledge and experience of building new ventures makes it a winning team.

We want to make the Uluru platform available for as many small to mid-sized companies who may not have all the funds and resources to invest in – or even have the use for - large and extended Payment Hubs.

We are collaborators by nature, so please let us know if you want to work or partner up with us. We are always open to discuss how to make Uluru work for you!