Features of Cash visibility

Multi Bank connectivity

All banking connections available via a single platform via H2H or PSD2.

Multi Company overview

High visibility on all company and bank relationships in a single interface.

Centralized Transaction data

Everything is filed and managed in a central database, with complete harmonization for all banks and/or payment providers. With the ability to generate reports for both internal and external purposes.

Mobile-friendly interface

Access everything you need on-the-go with Uluru's user-friendly mobile interface

Audit Trail

Stay on top of who did what, where and when. Every step and action by all end-users is automatically recorded in an audit trail which is stored and available to run queries on.

User management

In Uluru the central administrator can organize all roles, rights and responsibilities for all internal users.

Benefits of Cash visibility

Improve Treasury performance

Consolidate treasury activities and improve performance thanks to centralized control and visibility.

Multi Bank Cash visibility

Because all incoming and outgoing transactions are processed and stored centrally, you can enjoy a consolidated view of real-time global cash positions at the touch of a button. Maintain oversight and be equipped with the knowledge to take financial decisions with confidence.

Optimize Working Capital and cash pooling

Uluru empowers management teams to optimize working capital and cash pooling and make better decisions by providing real-time and reliable insights on cash positions.

The right information at your fingertips

Access key financial information fast and reliably, no hassle, no stress.

Ready for the future

Uluru is agile and flexible enough to evolve alongside future developments in the payments industry.

Reduced number of interfaces

A single interface for all payments, high on simplicity, low on risk.