Features of Monitoring

Automatic Reconciliation

Just set rules and watch Uluru reconcile all your transaction data automatically, converting and exporting the reconciled data in the correct format to your ERP/Accounting systems.

Transaction profiles and monitoring

Uluru lets you define transaction profiles by setting rules on several levels including white and blacklisting. All transactions will be monitored against those profiles.

Fraud detection

In line with the regulation laid out by The Dutch Central Bank, Uluru supports both sanction and transaction screening. So you ensure Fraud, Risk and AML Compliance while maintaining real time insights on all your transaction data.

Advanced sanction and other screening

Uluru supports all compliance checks, including sanction lists, PEP and adverse media.

Counterparty screening

Assess financial, legal, reputational and compliance risks associated with new vendors, suppliers & business partners.

Alert Handling

Follow up transactions which are unidentified.

Benefits of Monitoring

Reduces fraud damage

Early detection of potential fraud before too much damage occurs. Already this year around EUR30m of CEO fraud has been reported in the Netherlands alone.

Reduces reputational damage

Uluru's stringent regulatory standards mean you have demonstrable integrity, protecting any reputational fallout.

100% Compliant

Uluru meets all standards and legal requirements so you're free to focus on more interesting things.

Ready for the future

Uluru is agile and flexible enough to evolve alongside future developments in the payments industry.

Always know who approved which transaction

Stay on top of who did what, where and when. Every step and action by all end-users is automatically recorded in an audit trail which is stored and available to run queries on.

Suitable for Legacy environments

No need to overhaul your current systems, Uluru works happily alongside legacy environments, thanks to our robust database and conversion possibilities.