Features of Payments

Multi Bank Connectivity

All banking connections available via a single access channel. H2H or PSD2 depending on bank and volume.

Multiple options for secure login

Access Uluru from wherever you are via a single log-in, for extra security 2-factor authentication via app or token.

ERP connectivity

A single, one-time connection with your ERP system is all you need. Uluru does the technical bit and connects to all banks/payment providers, including taking care of any formatting and file transformations.

Format conversion

Uluru converts all data from every payment source to a single harmonized standard format.

Extended payment authorization flow

Uluru offers an extended authorization flow which includes digital signing for speed and efficiency but in a secure way.

Payment monitoring

Turn payment data into intelligence that allows you to ensure that all payments meet defined criteria, alerting you when they don't.

Status updates

Maintain complete oversight on all payment activities and respond quickly to avoid bottlenecks or other issues.

Balance overview

Complete and real-time insight on current balances across all of your accounts.

User management

In Uluru the central administrator can organize all roles, rights and responsibilities for all internal users.

Control Centre

One simple, central control centre to manage all your company settings relating to companies, banks and internal users.

Central Counterparty management

Central counterparty management allows you to avoid payments to unknown counterparties or wrong bank accounts, restricting the potential for wrongdoing, for example CEO fraud.

Audit Trail

Stay on top of who did what, where and when. Every step and action by all end-users is automatically recorded in an audit trail which is stored and available to run queries on.

Benefits of Payments

Single point of control for Accounts Payable

Uluru provides a single point of control to streamline all your payments from all your companies and all your banks.

Less interfaces

A single interface for all Multi Bank Payments, high on simplicity, low on risk.

Ready for upcoming trends/developments

Uluru is agile and flexible enough to evolve alongside future developments in the payments industry.

Strengthens risk management

With rules and monitoring set up in line with regulatory standards, risk of fraud decreases, risk management improves.

Less mistakes, faster processing

High levels of authorization, optimization and automation mean less mistakes, and more efficiency.

Multi Bank Historical Payment Information

All current and past payment information of all your banks is available in a central overview.